History & Statutory Responsibilities

The Legislature created the Industrial Commission of North Dakota (“Industrial Commission” “Commission”) in 1919 to conduct and manage, on behalf of the State, certain utilities, industries, enterprises and business projects established by state law. Through the years the Industrial Commission has been given and had removed various responsibilities.

The statutory reference for the Industrial Commission is found in Chapter 54-17, North Dakota Century Code.

As the management authority for all utilities, industries, enterprises, and business projects owned, administered, and operated by the State, the Commission has under its jurisdiction the following:

  • Bank of North Dakota
  • Building Authority
  • Clean Sustainable Energy Authority 
  • Department of Mineral Resources - Geological Survey
  • Department of Mineral Resources - Oil and Gas Division
  • Housing Finance Agency
  • Lignite Research, Development and Marketing Program
  • Mill and Elevator Association
  • Natural Gas Pipeline Project
  • Oil and Gas Research Program
  • Outdoor Heritage Fund
  • Pipeline Authority
  • Public Finance Authority
  • Renewable Energy Program
  • Student Loan Trust
  • Transmission Authority
  • Western Area Water Supply


The Industrial Commission of North Dakota is made up of the Governor, Attorney General and Agriculture Commissioner. The Governor serves as Chairman of the Commission and the Governor plus one member is a quorum for the transaction of business. The Attorney General serves as general counsel. The Commission meets generally on at least a monthly basis to act on items presented by the Commission agencies.

Offices are located on the 14th Floor of the State Capitol, 600 East Boulevard, Bismarck, North Dakota.