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Executive Order 2023-05

WHEREAS, the Lignite Research Council was reformulated by Executive Order 2013-05, dated April 23, 2013; and, 

WHEREAS, the Council was created to establish policies and practices related to lignite research, as well as to coordinate lignite research efforts to make recommendations for funding to appropriate funding sources, and to generally assist in research funding efforts; and, 

WHEREAS, the lignite industry is critical to the economic well-being of the State of North Dakota, and the discovery of new products and viable alternate uses for lignite will benefit all citizens of the state, as well as those within the lignite industry; and,

WHEREAS, North Dakota Century Code Chapter 54-17.5 established a Lignite Research, Development and Marketing Program to enable and encourage the participation of private funding sources and state and federal agencies in research efforts; and, 

WHEREAS, the development of North Dakota's lignite resources should proceed in an orderly manner that is beneficial to landowners, miners, and processors of lignite and in a way that is responsible to future generations of North Dakotans; and, 

WHEREAS, members of the Lignite Research Council have recommended that the Council be restructured. 

NOW THEREFORE, Doug Burgum, by virtue of the authority vested in the Governor, and the State of North Dakota, does hereby:

  1. Re-establish a Lignite Research Council, appointed by the Governor, and consisting of 26 voting members:
    • Six lignite processing representatives;
    • Three lignite research representatives;
    • Four representatives of state agencies involved in lignite matters;
    • Four lignite mining representatives;
    • Two representatives from the North Dakota Legislature;
    • One representative from the workforce community;
    • One representative from a political subdivision;
    • Two representative from transmission;
    • One Native American tribal representative;
    • Two representatives from land ownership;
  2. The council shall meet at least semi-annually and at the request of the Executive Committee for the purposes expressed herein.
  3. The council shall elect a chairperson, vice-chairperson, and five of its members to serve as an executive committee to act on behalf of the council between council meetings. The executive committee shall meet at the request of the chairperson

This order issued on the basis that the Governor is vested with the Executive authority pursuant to Article V, Section 1 or the North Dakota Constitution, and pursuant to NDCC 54-17.5-02. This order shall be effective Immediately and supersedes and replaces Executive Order 2013-05; accordingly, Executive Order 2013-05 is hereby rescinded. 


Executed at Bismarck, North Dakota this 11th day of April 2023


Executive Order

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