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Industrial Commission Announces Special Grant Round for Carbon Capture and Utilization Education and Marketing

During the 2023 legislative session, $300,000 was appropriated to the Industrial Commission to contract for carbon capture and utilization education and marketing. The Industrial Commission is soliciting applications for grant funding to aid in the development of a Carbon Capture and Utilization Education and Marketing Strategic Plan. At a minimum, the project must include:

  • Public outreach and stakeholder engagement as a component of plan development
  • Development of educational materials
  • Safety of carbon dioxide transportation and utilization  
  • Project sponsor must provide regular updates to the Industrial Commission

Projects are encouraged to provide a non-state match for the grant dollars. 

A special grant round of the Lignite Research, Renewable Energy, and Oil and Gas Research Councils will be scheduled in February 2024, with the date and venue to be announced at a later date. The Industrial Commission will only consider for approval the application(s) that receive(s) a positive recommendation from all three research councils, and will vote to approve the recommendation at its February 28th, 2024 meeting. 

Applications are due by 5:00 pm on January 31, 2024. Applications are to be submitted electronically to, and should reference “Carbon Capture and Utilization Marketing Grant Application” in the subject line. 

Also available at the following link: 

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