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BISMARCK, N.D. – The North Dakota Industrial Commission awarded funding today from the Clean Sustainable Energy Fund in the amount of $28 million in grants and $135 million in loans for six projects.

“We are excited about the quality and quantity of the projects that were presented today after going through an extensive review process. These projects have the potential of capturing over 30% of the annual carbon dioxide production in North Dakota, capturing natural gas that would otherwise be flared, and identifying opportunities that will diversify North Dakota’s economy,” the Industrial Commission said in a joint statement. “Each of these awards will be matched by other funds and result in over $4.5 billion in investment in North Dakota.”

The six projects and their funding awards are as follows:

  • Production of Blue Hydrogen – Dakota H2 Hub – BakkenEnergy LLC - $10 million grant;$80 million loan
  • Converting Gas to Value-Added Projects – Cerilon GTL – Cerilon GTL ND Inc. - $7 milliongrant; $40 million loan
  • Unlocking the Full Potential of Produced Water as a Key Component of Clean SustainableEnergy – Wellspring Hydro - $1 million grant
  • Commercial Deployment of Carbon Dioxide Capture & Geological Sequestration in McLeanCounty – Midwest AgEnergy Group - $3 million grant
  • Front-End Engineering and Design for CO2 Capture at Coal Creek Station – Energy &Environmental Research Center - $7 million grant
  • Solving North Dakota Flaring: Mobile Flare Gas Capture & Fueling Platform Expansion –Valence Natural Gas Solutions - $15 million loan

“The Legislature established and funded the Clean Sustainable Energy program during the recent legislative sessions and directed that the projects selected be transformational in developing energy projects for North Dakota’s future,” said Lt. Gov. Brent Sanford, chairman of the Clean Sustainable Energy Authority. “The Authority believes these projects have met the goals of the program to enhance the production of clean sustainable energy and to make North Dakota a world leader in the production of clean sustainable energy.”

“The program received applications totaling over $49 million in grant requests and $165 million in loan requests during this first grant round,” said Al Anderson, director of the Clean Sustainable Energy Authority. “The Authority is appreciative of the work completed by all the reviewers and advisors.”

The Industrial Commission, which oversees the Clean Sustainable Energy Authority, consists of Gov. Doug Burgum as chairman, Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem and Agriculture Commissioner Doug Goehring.

The next submission deadline for funding requests is March 1, 2022. More information about the program, including the application process, can be found on the CSEA website at

For more information, contact Al Anderson at 701-595-9668.