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BISMARCK, N.D. – The North Dakota Industrial Commission (Commission) has awarded $719,129 in Renewable Energy Program matching funds for two projects that enhance renewable energy.

Electrostatic Lubrication Filtration of Wind Turbine Oil Reservoirs

Awardee: UND Institute for Energy Studies
Amount Awarded: $286,234
Total Project Costs: $584,614

This project will research technology that is designed to maintain lubricant cleanliness on wind turbines. Many wind turbine field-operating failures are related to poor lubricant quality, consequentially resulting in gearbox bearing failure. Regular or unexpected maintenance can create significant downtime, resulting in lost revenue from a lack of power generation.

In a joint statement the Commission said, “If successful, this technology will increase the value of the North Dakota wind industry by extending the usable life of the wind turbine gearbox and avoid costly turbine shutdowns.”

Geothermal Development Consortium

Awardee: UND College of Engineering & Mines
Amount Awarded: $432,895
Total Project Costs: $865,791

University of North Dakota will lead a consortium of geothermal, oil and gas, and electric power industry professionals to advance the assessment and development of geothermal resources in North Dakota by conversion of non-economic oil and gas wells to geothermal applications.
In a joint statement the Commission said, “This project will provide valuable information about geothermal energy that can help launch a new industry that has synergies with North Dakota’s other energy resources.”

The North Dakota Industrial Commission, consisting of Gov. Doug Burgum as chairman, Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem and Agriculture Commissioner Doug Goehring, oversees the Renewable Energy Program. The Legislature established the program in 2007 to provide funding for research, development, marketing and education to foster growth of renewable energy including wind, biofuels, biomass, solar, hydroelectric, geothermal and hydrogen.

The next application deadline for the program is May 10, 2021.

For more information on approved projects or the program, contact Jonathan Russo (701-328-5347) or Andrea Pfennig (701-328-3786) or visit: www.nd.gov/ndic/renew-infopage.htm.

Karlene K. Fine, Executive Director and Secretary
State Capitol, 14th Floor - 600 E Boulevard Ave Dept 405 - Bismarck, ND 58505-0840
E-Mail: kfine@nd.gov
Phone: (701) 328-3722 FAX: (701) 328-2820
"Your Gateway to North Dakota”: www.nd.gov


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