The North Dakota Industrial Commission has oversight of the Outdoor Heritage Fund. The Outdoor Heritage Fund Advisory Board, consisting of 12 voting and 4 ex-officio members, shall make recommendations to the Commission on the funding of grants.

Priority is given to projects that enhance conservation practices in the state by:

  • Directive A - Providing access to private and public lands for sportsmen, including projects that create fish and wildlife habitat and provide access for sportsmen;
  • Directive B - Improving, maintaining and restoring water quality, soil conditions, plant diversity, animal systems, and by supporting other practices of stewardship to enhance farming and ranching;
  • Directive C - Developing, enhancing, conserving, and restoring wildlife and fish habitat on private and public lands; and
  • Directive D - Conserving natural areas and creating other areas for recreation through the establishment and development of parks and other recreation areas

Next Grant Round Deadline Date: May 1, 2024




54-17.8 - Outdoor Heritage Fund - Purpose

There is created a North Dakota outdoor heritage fund that is governed by the commission. Any money deposited in the fund is appropriated on a continuing basis to the commission for the purposes of this chapter. Interest earned by the fund must be credited to the fund. The commission shall keep accurate records of all financial transactions performed under this chapter.